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Patz Manure Pumps


Patz 1512 Manure Pump
Patz 1512 Manure Pump

Storing manure has become attractive and profitable. The key to successful management of manure is an efficient system of moving the manure to storage.

The Patz Model 1512 Manure Pump is designed to handle manure ranging in consistency from free-flowing liquid to slurry with fine-cut bedding. Liquid manure has up to 5% solids, and slurry manure has 4% to 15% solids.

The optional in-line valve provides a positive shutoff to prevent backflow.

Saving time as well as manure nutrients is easy with the Patz Model 1512 Manure Pump. Manure drops into hopper from your gutter cleaner. Or scrape to the hopper. A plunger forces manure through PVC pipe to storage.

The Patz manure pump is designed for easy maintenance. Both the plunger and plunger sleeve can be removed for inspection. An optional in-line valve installs in the 12-inch or 15-inch PVC pipe buried up to 8 feet deep as a shutoff valve. Install if a backflow is possible. An optional flapper valve fits the end of the PVC pipe in the holding area to prevent manure from flowing back into the pipe.

Note: Manure too dry to flow may require the addition of water. Manure pumps are not designed for pumping box stall manure, ensilage, hay, wood shavings, lime, sand, crushed rock, etc.

  • Drive Unit uses 10 hp. electric motor. Plunger driven through triple V-belt, double #100 roller chain-and-sprocket drive unit. Large 2-1/2 inch and 1-3/4 inch shafts plus high quality bearings assure durable operation. (Guard removed for viewing.)
  • 180 (U.S.) gallon hopper can be filled with gutter cleaner or scraper. Constructed of 1/8-inch steel. Approximately 3 ft. by 7 ft. opening at top.
  • Plunger sleeve with internally functioning plunger mounts in 1/4-inch thick steel chamber embedded in concrete. Plunger and plunger sleeve may be removed for easy servicing without concrete breakup.
  • One-way valve in plunger opens to fill plunger sleeve on backward stroke. On forward stroke, valve closes and the plunger forces the manure toward storage facility.
  • Fiberglass cover guard does not rust and provides long service life.
  • Plunger Size: 7 x 15 in.
  • Stroke Lengths: 20 in., 17 in. and 14 in.
  • Hole Size for Pump Installation: 5 ft. wide x 14 ft. long x 7 ft. 3in. deep (approximately).
  • Floor Space Required for Pump: 3 ft. 2 in. x 11 ft. (approximately).
  • Weight: 2,350 lb. (approximately).
  • Safety Railing: Standard equipment.
  • Pipe Length: Recommended maximum length of pipe with no elbows, 150 ft. Deduct 5 ft. for each 22-1/2° elbow used and 10 ft. for each 45° elbow. Up to 90° of elbows may be used in one installation.
  • Pipe Size: Choose 15" or 12" PVC pipe.
  • Storage Height (Head): Maximum storage height (head) is 25 ft. This is measured from center line of pipe at manure pump to top of manure in storage area.

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