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Manure Agitators


Articulated PTO Agitator
GEA Houle Articulated PTO Agitator

The far-reaching articulated agitator with its strong 3-point hitch agitates the content of a concrete pit safely and efficiently.

Electric Agitator on Pontoon
GEA Houle Electric Agitator on Pontoon

Efficiently homogenizes liquid manure contained in saucer-shaped pits.

Electromix Agitator
GEA Houle Electromix Agitator

The Electromix Agitator is the perfect agitation device to homogenize manure from your reception pit. It mixes the solids with liquid in order to maximize pumping. Match your pit depth with a choice of eight agitator lengths or with the double propeller agitator if you have an even deeper pit.

Lagoon Agitator
GEA Houle Lagoon Agitator

5 lengths of Lagoon Agitator available to give you the necessary far- reaching access to agitate the content of your lagoon efficiently and safely.

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