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GEA Alley Scrapers



Best suited to clean narrow alleys or when manure dries fast. Can be adapted to clean an alley that varies in width. Available with floor mounted or groove guided draw bar. Adapted for alleys between 73" to 174" in width. Available with steel blades or flexible urethane blades that can be adjusted to compensate wear. Several draw bar accessories available for concrete alley, rubber flooring and sand bedding. V-Shape bidirectional scraper is designed for a free stall barn having a cross gutter in the center and one scraper per alley.

Straight Scraper
Straight Scraper
Clean and dry slats contribute to a better hygiene and reduction of the claw problems. It is hard to imagine that many dairy farms wouldn't have a slat scraper. Removing the manure from the slats has become more difficult, because the manure is much drier due to change of feed and well ventilated Barns. We offer a broad range of manure scrapers.

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